Universal Nap Time?

Over the past few months we have been lucky enough to have quite a few visitors to our home. Most of our friends live in other states and we are the only couple left in Boston from our initial group. Whenever our clan gets the itch to come back to their old stomping grounds, of course, the door is always open. The best part for us is that all of them now have kiddies too. Kiddies that are right around the LM's age. This makes it twice as fun when we are fortunate enough to get overnight guests. A sleepover, toddler style. 

As we rotated families this Summer I began to notice a trend. All of their kids would go to sleep around 7:30pm, and wake around 7:00am. Nap time would begin around 1:30 and end around 4:0pm. The only reason that I took notice was because this is the EXACT same schedule (I use this term loosely) that my  Little Man is on. I began to wonder if all kids are on this schedule? Is there some sort of universal nap time until the age of 3? Like in Cinderella, when the clock strikes midnight everything falls to pieces, or 1:30pm in this case? 

I put my hypothesis to the test. Here is the park across the street from our house at about 12:15 pm. You can see it is pretty packed out. The swings and slides are in full of wild little ones. (click to enlarge)

And the sandbox was the place to be. 

Here is the same park at 1:15. The only people left are a few school aged kids. 

The sandbox was a ghost town.

Even the ever popular swings had been abandoned.

Where was my little man? Sleeping of course, and it looks as though the rest of Cambridge was doing the same. Don't you wish as adults we still had this clock? Now that I think about it maybe we do? That must have been why coffee was invented!