Yesterday at 5pm.

LM: Momma Trains!
Me: Yes, babe play with your trains (said while cutting potatoes for dinner.)
Me: Uh huh...trains (completely ignoring him,)
LM: MOMMY TRAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Ok, bud let me see your trains.

I walked over to the new train table and there was not a train in sight. Not one. Where could 12 toy trains go? Well, you out there with kids know that they could be virtually any where. Really the hiding places are endless.

20 minutes later after feverish searching. 

Me: Where are these freaking trains?
Me: Focus...where did you put the trains?
LM: Tunnel!
Me: Tunnel, what tunnel?
LM: Tunnel, Tunnel, Tunnel, TUNNEL!!! 
Me: We don't have a tunnel.

Ok, apparently we do have a tunnel.

The little man then proceeded to (finally) point to the sofa where he had stashed all of his trains in the "tunnel" aka really far under the sofa. 

Problem solved? Yes, the train were found but now the little guy has a new "trick." A trick that involves putting everything under the sofa where it is completely out of his reach, and then screaming "TUNNEL" at the top of his lungs until I bend down and pull them all out. 

Yeah, this is a real fun game....I'm really hoping he will find a new one. And Quick!