Rookie Mistake.

What is it that the majority of new moms do, and then immediately regret right after the birth of their first child? No, it's not immediately rethinking your decision to become a parent in the first place (although we all have those days!) It's that we all give birth and then run out and make one of the most drastic changes of all. We cut off our hair. I was no exception to this rule. 

Exhibit A: Me about 8 months pregnant.

Exhibit B: 2 weeks after the LM was born.

Finally 2 years later I am slowly getting back to my "roots."

I think there should be a law imposed that one must wait 2 months after giving birth to make any changes to their physical appearance. Seems to me that the worst time to make such changes is when you are at you fattest, most exhausted, and most emotionally unstable. Hmmmm perhaps I should file a suit against my hairdresser?

 His defense? He did warn me........ I was just WAY to tired to listen. This is one rookie mistake I won't be making again!