How I Spent My Summer Vacation.

Whew. We just got back from our week long vacation to visit family in Maryland. While we were only there for 7 full days, I feel as though we were able to fit in a full Summer of fun. Here are some of the highlights.

First off the Little Man turned two. I can't thank you all enough for your sweet B-Day wishes and I shared each and every one of them with him. Here he is at his party. The balloons were definitely the highlight of the evening for him. Here he is with his beloved fire truck balloon. 

What would a 2yr old birthday party be without cake? Not a party I say.

The little guy worked really, really had to blow out the candles.

At last he was successful and was finally able to enjoy the spoils. 

The next day we took a trip to a real working farm. Given that the town we stayed in is basically one big farm this was not too far of a trip. The little guy was mildly obsessed with the tractors to say the least. 

He even got to drive the combine. Yes, up in that glass window is my truck diving little guy.

To get an idea of how big it actually was, here he is next to the wheel. Yep, that is one big ass truck!

We soon learned that a momma cow had just given birth to two baby cows. They weren't that much bigger than my little man. We had to leave as quick as we came as the momma cow was none too happy to have us poking around with her newborns.

We pretty much spent our evenings eating blue crabs and reading trashy magazines (Grandma is an avid collector.) Here my Sis and I are partaking in both.

The last time I had blue crabs is when the Husband and I lived in Maryland, some 6-7 years ago. I made up for lost time by having them 4 nights in a row. 

We went to the beach pretty much every day. The little man finally learned what it was like to be buried in the sand. 

He also went digging for crabs. 

The beach were we go is also home to wild horses. Here are a few that wanted to crash our party. Yep, they run like that right on the beach. I can never get over it when I see them. 

Neither could the little man. Here he is chasing after them.

When the little man's Great Aunt learned of his love of fire trucks she arranged a tour for us at the local fire station. By tour I mean that they opened the doors and let us play in and out of all 8 trucks. The little man was pretty damn excited. 

He made sure to sit in all of them......twice. 

We also took a trip to the local zoo. I thought the LM would love the monkeys the most, but he surprised me by spending most of his time with the Flamangos or "Ningos" as the little man would say. The second day we visited the birds got into a bit of a "gang" style fight. Notice it is the black tails vs the pink tails. 

When we got home our Aunt Lolly arranged for a "tractor" ride, aka a ride behind the lawn mower. This way by far the highlight of our trip for the little guy. Here we are hitching a ride.

Our beloved driver. 

And the little guy taking his turn in the captian's chair. 

On our last night there we went over to ocean city to go on some of the boardwalk rides. At first the little guy was not too thrilled with the idea.

He soon began to come around.

And eventually he was loving it.

Especially the swing.

Which he insisted that we go on. Twice. 

Wow! Even I am amazed at all we were able to fit into just one week. The little man woke up this morning asking over and over for the tractor. Looks like there is some country in my city boy after all! 

We loved our vacation but as they say there truly is no place like home! Even if home is without a two story tractor.