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Have You Ever Been So Tired.....

....you just had to take a nap?

As a mother of an active two year old I feel this way ALL DAY LONG. My little guy's new favorite game? Chase. As in he will run and run and run and run, and in turn he demands that I chase him. Seriously, if I could bottle that energy I could make millions. 

The other day I was able to find this sweet little girl who was more than happy to take my place. She chased my little man for no less than 45 minutes. I could tell she wanted to stop but they were having such a great time she kept on going. Going until my little man did this.

Yep, he just came right out of the tunnel and decided to lay down to take a "nap." The little girl didn't know quite what to do. When it was obvious that he wasn't going anywhere she adopted the "if you can't beat em, join em" philosophy and laid down right next to him.

They stayed there for about 5 minutes, until I had to break up their slumber to go home and make dinner. I have a feeling both kids had an early bedtime that night...


Feeling Fall.