Clutching My Heart.

How does one induce a heart attack? Well, one way would be to offer a Zac Posen Envelope Clutch for under $150 dollars. Gilt Groupe must be trying to off me, because a few weeks ago they did just that. 

I have been on the hunt for a great and practical clutch since I birthed the little man. Why the need? Because unlike before when I was footlose and baby free, now whenever we are able to sneak away from the house I always have to have one thing with me, one thing that is very big, one thing that is too big for most traditional clutches.  My Blackberry. Yep, even though we usually leave when the little guy is sleeping we still have to be "on call" in case of any and all emergencies. This means that lately I have been lugging my day bags out on the town just to carry my phone. Even worse now that the little man is two we are sometimes bold enough to actually bring him with us. Which means I have to carry even more crap. Well, no more. I am now the proud owner of this beautiful clutch. 

I love the neutral color. I love the size I love that it weighs next to nothing. I love that it fits right under my arm leaving me virtually hands free. I love that I can fit a ton of stuff in it, even some diapers if the need ever were to arise. What do I love most? I love that the retail price was almost $700 dollars, and I got it for $138. Be still my heart....

P.S. If you aren't a member of Gilt (an invite only website) than 1) you are crazy, 2) send me an email and I will send you and invite. As an aside, I really should be buying stock in this company at this point!