Julie & Julia, Of Course I'm Going To See It!

Am I the only one who is super excited that Julie & Julia is coming out today? I have a feeling that I'm not. Cooking, Blogging, and Meryl Streep? Sounds like a winning combination to me. Sunday my sis and I are going to be heading out for some popcorn, twizzlers, and what I expect to be a great movie. Is it odd to blog about a movie that is about a girl who blogs? Nah, not if you are a blogger!

Speaking of bloggers. I saw this great poster over at one of my favorite blogs, Naturally Nina. I love it and just had to have it!  I think this will look great in the master bathroom as soon as I can convince the husband to put it up. I think it sums me up pretty well! 

Bloggers are taking the world by storm! 

I wish all of you a happy and sunny weekend.