Wade Wilt.

My absolute favorite birthday present was my 2nd cabbage patch kid Wade Wilt. I remember my father taking me to the toy store and telling me I could pick out basically anything. At the time I was obsessed with my 1st kid Spring Chrissy and I was sure I was going to get a stroller, bed, or some kind of accessory that she just couldn't live without. As I was walking down the toy aisle I saw him. My Wade Wilt. He was probably the ugliest of all the cabbage patch dolls with just one sprig of blonde hair sticking out of his fat face, but that didn't matter to me. He was the baby that I didn't know that I had been looking for, and the brother that Spring Chrissy never knew that she wanted. Funny now that I am again obsessed with baby number two, no?

I loved reading about all your favorite presents, it brought back memories from my own childhood. It also reminded me that I never got and Easy Bake Oven, and I am still bitter about this! 

Without further delay the winner of the Party Favor's Giant Cupcake brought to you by BuyWithMe....is.......drumroll please. The winner is is Julie Q of the JQ Lounge! Although this was drawn from Random.org I find this to be very fitting given that last week was her birthday!

I hope you enjoy your giant cupcake, and Happy Birthday!