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A few pictures from our park trip this morning....notice a trend?

Apparently the little man has given up on wearing shoes. All shoes. As in he will only wear shoes when he is 1) not in the house, 2) not in the park, 3) not in the stroller. So basically 99% of the time the little guy is shoeless. If I try to cover up those little piggies he just looks and me and demands, "Shoes off mommy, shoes off." At first I would protest, but the husband assures me that he can't catch any sort of disease from the park (at least he thinks so) and therefore, I should let this one go. Besides winter will be here soon enough. I'm now regretting the hours I spent looking for the perfect pair of sandals at the beginning of the summer (lots of traction, sturdy, will last the whole summer.) I would have been better off just investing in a good foot scrub. 

Hmmm maybe this is just his version of Boho Chic? Or would that be Hobo chic? 

Pulling The Trigger.

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