My New Interior Designer.

Apparently the Little Man has been reading my blog because he must have seen the comment last week where someone remarked on how "un-lived in" my home looked. Where are all the kid's toys she asked? Well, usually, I am able to keep them in one corner. We play with one set of toys, we put them away, and then we play with another set and so on. Yeah, not any more. The Little Man now needs to play with every toy that he owns at the exact same time. It's not so much that he wants to play with them, but rather he wants to see them scattered around every single corner of our fairly small living room. 

Here is how the room looked before the LM made his way up the stairs. 

And here is the same room about 5 minutes later.

After this things got much, much worse. 

Hey, as long as he is having fun (and playing independently) this mummy is not going to complain. Cleaning up is very much in the job description. I just think it is amazing what a mess a little guy can make in such a short period of time. 

They say that a hurricane is coming to New England on Monday, but for us Hurricane Little Man has already hit this living room head on, leaving behind quite the trail of destruction. Note to self: NO MORE TOYS