Jonathan Adler Coming to a Store Near........Me!

Last week I declared that I was finally ready to buy a rug and some new furnishings for our home. A rug that I had wanted for about a year. A rug that the Husband had not only previously seen, but had also fully agreed to it's purchase. A rug that won't be gracing my living room anytime soon. Why? Well, let me tell you. All of a sudden my husband changed his mind. Changed his mind as in, "I absolutely hate that rug and refuse to get it. You can get the darker one for the bedroom but there is no way in hell that rug is going in my living room." After a few hours of lively debate (ahem, borderline cage fighting) we finally agreed on this rug

Confession time.  I love the rug. I really, really, really, really love the rug. And if you ever tell him this I swear I will deny it,  but, I actually like the rug he chose better. Gasp, I know, these things should never be said out loud.

I like it because it is way more youthful, and quirky and it allows for me to get some amazing marigold, and mustard colored accessories, like these pillows. (Those pillows btw are still very much up for debate.) Which brings me to the point of this post.

 Today my sister and I were walking down Newbury on our way to the Frog Pond when I said, "I really wish there was a Thomas Paul or Jonathan Adler store around so I could try to pick up some cool modern accessories for the house." No sooner did I get out the last word when I looked to my left and saw this. 

Shut up! Jonathan Adler is coming to Newbury? Jonathan Adler is coming to a store near..... me? Psyched would be the one word I would use. It's not so much the furnishings that I am excited about but more so the fact that I will be able to walk in, pictures of my home and pillows in hand, and get some serious decorating advice. Advice from people who have very similar taste to what we have. Advice from people that have to answer my decorating questions, for free no less! Yeah, I'm pretty psyched. 

As an aside it's also really nice to have a store come to the street that is not just another Crate and Barrel, or Potterybarn. In this economy shops are closing every day leaving some blocks almost completely empty. The only ones who can afford the rent are the chain stores and that has really taken away from the "feel" of Newbury. Well, Jonathan Adler, I can assure you that I will do my best to keep you in business! 

Before I left I had to take a picture of my favorite part of their manifesto. See #2.

Hmmm does this mean the Husband is gay? Or that he is now the wife? Well it's like they say, a broken clock is right twice a day.... we'll let him have this one time of making the right choice. From now on the rules firmly apply though!

Welcome to Boston Mr. Adler, we are happy to have you!