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I Only Have Myself To Blame.

I have totally and completely jinxed myself. Remember last week when I said, "It's only  matter of time before this kid is climbing the walls?" Well, that time has come. Really, I'm the one who said it out loud, I only have myself to blame. 

Here we were this morning, making breakfast. The little man was "helping" me buy taking all of the ingredients out of the fridge (and more than a few we didn't need.) 

Thank you I said, what a good boy. And then this happened.......

The fourth shot in this series is actually missing because that would have been the one where he was standing completely on the lower bar and I was faced with the tough decision to get the shot or save my little man. Social Services would probably agree that I made the right choice. Once he was safely on the ground you can see that he was pretty proud of himself. 

Um, he's not even two yet and he is already climbing the walls? I see quite a few broken bones in this kid's future...

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