I'm not going to lie, I actually had pretty high hopes for Rachel Zoe's new newsletter. I mean, I know she is a celebrity but unlike other celebrity newsletters (ahem Gwyneth and your Goop) I feel like she should/ would actually have good and useful fashion tips and advice. I guess I was wrong. Yes, I know it's only been two days but the emails that have been hitting my inbox seem more like an add for piperline (for which she is a paid consultant) than they do anything for anything else. I wanted really to see some tips. Tips that real people could use to incorporate into their real wardrobes. What I don't need is to be sold a pair of shoes or costume jewelery from a FORZ (friend of Rachel Zone), just like I don't need advice on what to read/ eat/ do from a FOGP (friend of Gwyneth Paltrow.) 

Enough with you celebs and your newsletters! From now on I'm going to get my fashion inspiration straight from the source, and only the source. What source you ask? Well the fashion blogs of course. Here are my favorite places that I go when I need a little fashion advice. 

  • WhoWhatWear Daily- If you have yet to sign up for these daily updates/ emails than I suggest you drop everything and run to their site and do so (after you finish reading this post of course.) I can't even begin to list why I love this blog so much. If I were forced to do so, the first word that would come to mind is accessibility. This site does what so many other fail to do, which is make fashion accessible to everyone. Their daily tips are ones that anyone could incorporate into their wardrobes/ lifestyles and they do so by recommending items that fit any budget. You want those 2900.00 dollar leather pants? They'll tell where to get them. If you are like the rest of us and want them for closer to 29.00 dollars? Well, they also have you covered. They style is sometime a bit alternative/ over the top, but for solid fashion advice this is the place to go.
  • The Satorialist- Hands down this is the coolest site on the web, in my opinion. This is my first click in the morning and my last click in the night. The pictures that Scott Schuman takes are absolutely to die for. The subjects, the clothes, and the locations leave me in  awe every day. Who knew that there were that many stylish people in the world? Clearly Schuman did. Every day I find some new inspiration on this site. I love that it never sells anything (except his new/ first book which is on the top of my Christmas list) but rather the people and the clothes have such vision that it is so easy to integrate that sense of style into one's own wardrobe. I also love how the young and old are pictured to show that true style has no age limit and does not discriminate between color, sex, or country.
  • Jak & Jill- This blog is where it's at for all thing cutting edge and high fashion. With it's candids from the top fashion shows all of the world, to the paparazzi style photography, I truly feel so much cooler simply by reading this blog. The shoes are fierce, the clothes are even fiercer and to say that this is one of the edgiest fashion sites out there wouldn't do it justice. 
  • Beyond Boston Chic- As a Bostonian you know I had to include this in my list. Like the Satatorialist this blog showcases real people on the street wearing real clothes. The catch, well they are all from around Boston (unless the fashionable writer is on one of her many travels.) Pictures are taken on the T, in Harvard Square, Downtown, you name it she's probably found someone who is super fashionable standing there. 
  • Vogue Uk- The UK version of, really need I say more? This is my homepage. This is my go to for any and all things fashion. This is about a million times better that Vogue's American homepage. The articles, the interviews, the fashion, I just can't get enough. They really make you feel like an insider in the fashion world even if I can't afford 99.9 % of what they are selling. A girl's got to have a place to dream right?
So you celebrities can take you newsletters and your fancy friends, I no longer need your dribble cluttering up my inbox. I am cleaning out my virtual closet and keeping the 5 things (websites) that I can't live without. You, sadly, are not one of them. 

Where do you all get your inspiration from? If I am missing something please make sure to share!