The Yummiest Mummy Of Them All?

A few months ago I wrote a post praising the style of Olivia Palermo (hate the girl, love the clothes.) Soon thereafter I got an email from the most stylish of all my friends a Mrs. A.D. who simply said that Meredith Melling Burke is where it's at. Meredith Melling who? I thought to myself. I then typed a query into google and found quite possibly the yummiest of all the mummies who may have ever existed. Ok, ok, I may be going to far, but this woman is beyond fierce.

Not only is she an impeccable dresser, a kick ass senior fashion editor at Vogue, and a style icon. But she is also a mum, just like the rest of us. Maybe not quite like the rest of us, but she really seems to be a woman who has it all; an amazing, exciting career and a family. Something that most, especially those in the fashion industry, have a heard time managing. Now I know that no one is perfect and you only can see what people want you to see, but from my viewpoint this mom seems pretty put together. 

Here are some pictures of her out and around town. It was unbelievable, I could have picked 50 pictures to put on here. This woman never seems to have a fashion blunder. Wish I could say the same for myself!

(click to enlarge)

Oh, what I wouldn't give for a day in this girl's closet.