You Know, He Wouldn't Remember It Anyway.

I have made an executive decision. This year we will not be having a birthday party for the little man. Well, that's not entirely true. We will be having a party but it will be be a simple celebration at grandma's house with just a few family members. Birthday lite we will call it. Sounds perfect, right? I think so.

I came to this decision after I spent no less than 3 hours trying to find environmentally friendly fire truck plates, balloons, cups, etc. I finally found what I was looking for and was about to order the cupcakes from my favorite bakery when it hit me. Why exactly am I doing this? Certainly it's not for him. I then realized that we are flying down to Maryland on his actual birth date to visit my husband's family and I figured what could be a better place for a party? And by party I mean a few balloons, some cupcakes, and pizza; the three things that the little man likes most in the world. 

Last year we had a great party. It was more of a "housewarming/ birthday/ we had family in town/ yay, I'm pregnant" brunch, than it was a party specifically for the little man. We had out closets friends and family over over, and we ended up having a great time. The person who had the least amount of fun? Of course, it was the guest of honor himself, who really just wanted to be at the park. While I was making a list for invitations for this year's party I realized that 90% of our guests from last year won't be able to attend for various reasons, and that our two best friends and their kiddies are going to be at the Cape during this time. I could have moved the party, but then it hit me. He's two, he's not going to remember it anyway, why exactly are we doing this? In reality, we have the next 16+ years for parties and the last thing the little man needs is more stuff so why not just wait until next year? Yep, my thoughts exactly. 

So that's the plan. I may get the plates since I spent so much time looking for them and next year I will have the fire truck party of the little man's dreams. This year however it will be pizza, family we only see once or twice a year, and great-grandma's doggies. In the end it sounds like the perfect party to me! I find it hard not to want to go over the top for my first born, but in the end I really do think the "less is more approach" is always the way to go. 

Oh, I will be missing those cupcakes though.....