To Think I Had To Carry a Paper Bag?

Times have certainly changed since I was the little man's age (eek some 28 years ago.) While many, many things have changed one of the things that has changed the most is that kids these days now have the coolest stuff.  I'm not even talking about all the gadgets, don't even get me started on that.  No, I'm just talking about the, clothes, and well gear. I remember wearing different colored androgynous corduroy pants every day of the week with a matching Osh Kosh polo that would come in  many different shades of brown, tan, and cream... and I was a girl. What do kids have now? Old Navy, Gap, Target or JCrew kids, etc... carry real people clothes. As in better/cooler clothes than most grown adults have. Way better than we ever had when we were kids and clothes are only the beginning.  

Let's take the lunchbox for example. If you were one of the lucky ones than you had a barbie, or wonder woman plastic lunch box. The rest of us? Yeah, well we had paper bags. Paper bags that were not only ugly, but were unbelievably environmentally unfriendly when coupled with the amount of ziplock bags that are needed to pack a well balanced mean. Kids these days? Well, they have the Goodbyn lunchbox, and now my little man does too (or will when they become available in the middle of August.) 

This thing is awesome and is just what I needed for when he starts school in September. It's BPA and Phthalate-free, made of environmentally friendly materials and is also completely recyclable itself. It comes with the cutest stickers so it can be totally personalized, and it is also dishwasher safe. I love how it has all the different compartments and the coolest thing is that it has a little spot where you can leave your little ones secret notes. How great is that? It's also small enough that the little guy can carry it in his little backpack and light enough that it won't weigh him down when it's filled with food. It's so cool that if I were still working I'd probably be carrying one too. Seriously. Behold the Goodbyn Lunchbox. 

And to think I had to carry that paper bag. Well at least I didn't have to walk 4 miles though the snow just to get a loaf of bread like my parents......