A Stroller Sent From The Gods.

We all know that I not so secretly want twins. For those of you who didn't know that you do now (ahem, husband.) My biggest concern is not so much the kids, but how in the world does one transport three kids under the age of three? You would think that there are quite a few triple strollers out there, but you would be wrong. Apparently, most manufacturers think that people with three kids don't leave the house. Ever. They also think that if they do leave then you would be happy pushing something the size of the minivan. We all remember this monstrosity, don't we?

Well, all that has changed. Behold the Uppababy Vista.

This stroller rocks. It can be a single with a bassinet (like the bugaboo), it can be a single with a seat, it can be a double (like the phil and ted) and oh my god, it can also be a triple with a simple skateboard attachment. This is something that neither the bugaboo nor the phil and ted can do (because of how the seats sit.) Amazing

Here is the seat attachment where one of the twins/ little man could sit. I die just thinking of how cute they would be. 

Not only can it hold your three kids, but it also can hold 6 gallons of milk (so says the brochure.) It comes with a UV shield, rain shield, bug shield, car seat adapter and it comes in a ton of different colors. Also, the bassinet is a separate piece, unlike the bugaboo where you can only pretty much use that feature once because you have to convert that into the actual chair. Even cooler, the company that makes this modern marvel is a local Massachusetts company. I love the idea of supporting anything local, so that is a huge selling point for me.

As if they didn't already have me at hello, the woman who was demoing this baby for me pushed just one button and the stroller did this. Once my bugaboo saw how small this thing folded up it went to hide in the closet with shame (as it should.)

And travel, forgetaboutit. All three pieces fit into this bag. 
Did I say A.M.A.Z.I.N.G?

Even without the twins, I think with a second baby I will definitely be getting this stroller. I love being able to have one kid, two kids, or three kids at a time with just the simple click of a button. If you are pregnant and think you may have more than one baby, I cannot recommend this bad boy enough. You are able to just buy the solo and slowly ass from there as your family grows. It is almost too good to be true! I am so bummed this wasn't around when I bought (wasted money) on my bugaboo.

Ok, I found the perfect stroller. Now all I need are the babies (plural) to go in it!