Rain, Rain Go Away...Come Again NEVER!

Rain = A Mother's number one enemy.
32 days of rain = A Mother's worst nightmare. 

Look, I hate when people always complain about the weather. I get it, we live in New England. One would expect about 8 months of winter, tons of snow, and sub zero temperatures. If you are living here and you are surprised that it is cold, than well, you shouldn't be living here. What is utterly and completely unfair is to take away the only thing that makes that 8 months of that crap bearable; Summer.

At least I can comprehend that someday this rain is bound to go away. The person who doesn't understand this? My little man. To say that he is cranky and miserable would be the understatement of the year. To say that he really, really, really wants to go outside, would have to be said while laying on the ground, pounding your fists, banging your head against the floor and screaming at the top of you lungs. How do I know this? Because this is ALL the little man has been doing for the past two weeks. 

Yes, I know we are in the throws of the terrible twos (dear God I hate this stage.) But somehow I think that we would be fearing much, much, much better if the little guy were to be able to run around the park to blow off some steam. Instead he sits here and whines and I pretty much think that both of us are losing our minds. I know one of us is losing our patience. I try TV, toys, forts, you name it but nothing seems to help. The only cure I fear is just a few days of sunshine. Oh, how I miss the sun. I miss it bad. 

Snow I can handle, a sled, a snowsuit and we are good to go. Heat. Heat is fine, that's why baby pools were invented. Cold, well that is why God created the brand patagonia. Rain? Well rain sucks. 

The view of my beloved park across the street, covered in water with no children to be seen.

How is one supposed to be in any type of good mood when the sky continually looks like this?

Yesterday we just couldn't take any more and took the bike to the grocery. I had to waterproof my child. Something that unfortunately he has become accustomed to. 

Rain, rain, go away....come again NEVER!