Only 5 Weeks? Perhaps I Should Get Started.

The little man is turning two in exactly 5 weeks. I know, I can hardly believe it myself. 

While I am over the moon excited for this milestone, I am also dreading it. Why? Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with him growing up. No, I am dreading it because in just 5 very short weeks I am going to be stripping my little man of not only his beloved babas (bottles) but also his first love, his binky

Well, maybe I'm going to take them away. The truth is I'm still very on the fence about the latter. Yep, I'm the wishy washy mom. I have just become that person.

Yes, I know he is two. It's time. The pediatrician and now his dentist are on my case about both. His teeth, his teeth, his teeth....I get it. OK, I get it!  The bottle I am OK with him giving up. Really. I am.  I have slowly been setting the stage that when we go to GiGi's (his great-grandmother's) house for his birthday we are coming home without any bottles. He seems to get it, and mentions it every time we talk about his birthday. However, I don't think he actually gets that when we get home there will be no more bottle in the morning. No more before nap, and (gasp) no more before bed. Nada, Zilch, Zero. Yeah, he really doesn't get it. 

The binky thing is what really throws me. I was a finger sucker until about 12/13 years old. Sometimes in public. That is the kind of humiliation that haunts a kid for a lifetime. This is why I pushed, pushed, pushed the binky in the first place. I have yet to see a 12 year old sucking on a passie. The problem is that he is now hooked on that too. We technically only allow him to have it in bed, but if I am being honest the thing shows up while we are home during various times of the day. It never leaves the house unless we are traveling overnight, and I really do try to be consistent about him keeping it out of his mug during the day. Try being the operative word. 

For the past few days we have instituted a new rule. Binky (and his bunny blanket) are ONLY allowed in bed. Only during nap, and only during nighttime. In 72 hours they have not left the room. This has worked pretty well for both of us. I guess my question is does he really have to give it up? Can't we just pretend like we did, and it could be our little secret?

What age did you all take away these treasured possessions? If you ever did I should say.

If you have any tips for this wimpy mom I would really appreciate it!