I Think I May Be Too Old For This.

Last Saturday was my big night out. My resurrection from mommyhood we will call it. I went out with a great group of friends and we went to see my best friend's band play. This used to be one of my absolute favorite things to do pre LM. When we did the math I realized it had been over 2 1/2 years since I last saw them, and I really was looking forward to a night like I'd had way back then. Well I learned you can't recreate the past anymore than you can predict the future. 

Don't get me wrong, I had an awesome time and would totally do it all over again. To begin the evening I met some of my girls (and 2 husbands) out for dinner and then we headed over to the bar. I had a kick ass lemon drop martini with my dinner and was feeling pretty good on the way over. It was about 9:45pm which is later than I had been up in months, but I was so excited to be out that I barely noticed the time. We got to the bar, and within minutes I realized that I may be too old for this. That or just too out of practice.

We waited for about 15 minutes in a completely arbitrary line to get into an almost empty bar. I had completely forgot how annoying this could be, especially in the rain. Once we were in the bar I was soon surrounded by drunk 20 somethings and a few bachelorette parties. The music was awesome so I didn't notice right away scene that was unfolding, but after about an hour I realized that I, at 30, and my friends, at 30, may have been some of the oldest people in the bar. How does that happen? I sang, I danced, I had a few beers, and around 11:30pm I was ready to go to bed. But I couldn't. This was my big night out, I had to make it until at least 1am I told myself.

At some point I ordered a drink which a drunk fraternity guy managed to immediately spill on my new suede wedges, I got bumped into more than a few times, and got hassled about "being over the line" by some aggressive bouncers. Soon I noticed my friends had left and at 12:30am I was the last 30 year old standing. Around this time the band broke and I was able to say my goodbyes. On the way out the door I asked my friend, "how do you do this every other weekend? I just feel so old." He said that if it wasn't for the band actually playing there, he too would never go out to a place like that. 

I was home by one, and up at 6:45 with the LM. The Hubs had to work, but thankfully my sister saved my life by taking the little guy for a walk to get mama some coconut water and McDonalds (the hangover cure from God.) I couldn't believe how bad I felt. I only had one drink and 3 beers over about a 5 hour period. In my old days that would have been like an appetizer. Yes, I am a wuss and I can no longer hang with the big boys. 

I loved going out back in the day, not all the time, but a lot more than I do now. I guess things have just changed. My ideal night out now consists of dinner with good friends, a few glasses of wine, and a 1opm bed time. That may make me a fuddy duddy, but hell, I'll wear that title with pride. I have the feeling someday I will again get the itch to stretch my party legs again, probably in another 2 years, and I also have the feeling that I will again utter those words, "I think I may be too old for this."

Thanks to everyone for supporting this old lady on her big debut. I really did have an awesome time, even if it kicked my ass! Just make sure you keep telling me about all your nights out, at least I can live vicariously through you.