Hide and Seek.

The little man and I played our first game of hide and seek today. The problem? I didn't actually know that we were playing. Yes, I admit that for about 3 minutes today I had absolutely no idea where my child was. Yeah, today I get a D- in the parenting department. In my defense I knew that he couldn't have left the house and he had to be on the same floor that I was, but for the life of me I still couldn't find the little guy. Anywhere.

It began with my doing laundry. I locked both of us downstairs and began my business of sorting, pretreating, loading...etc. After a few minutes I realized that things were pretty quiet. There was no toddler running through my legs, no screaming to be heard, and there wasn't even any bed jumping coming from my bedroom. "This can't be good." I thought. I began searching the two bedrooms and bathrooms and even though it was only 500 square feet or so I still couldn't find him. I yelled out his name and still there was no response. I looked in his crib and noticed that his binky and bunny was gone, so I knew he hadn't vanished into thin air, but then where the hell was he?

It was right then that I head a  familiar little giggle coming from my closet. I had just been in there sorting the laundry so I couldn't figure out how I missed that he was in there. When I walked in I realized why. 



As far as I'm concerned he's lucky he didn't end up in the washing machine....