Gypsy 05: Line I Am Totally Loving.

My absolute favorite thing to wear during Summer is a comfortable cotton maxi dress. I have a few in rotation and they are pretty much all I wear. That's why I was so excited to find this new (to me) company, Gypsy 05, a brand that I am totally loving.  

Strangely, I had actually stumbled on it twice in the past week, and either I am totally out of the loop, or me finding this very cool brand was meant to be. Last week I was walking down Charles street when I saw this super stylish girl in front of me wearing the cutest fitting maxi dress. My sister and I quickly crept up on her and I saw the label on the back of her dress said Gypsy 05. I made a mental note and didn't think anything of it again until I saw a similar dress in a different pattern in a boutique that I frequent, and this time I made sure to write down the name. Immediately upon returning home I jumped on their website, and I was so thrilled with what I found.

This company is awesome. They use organic fabrics, low impact dyes and water based printing in each collection. The clothes are super simple and completely fit in with the bohemian look I love. Based on their website, plenty of celebs have also fallen in love too. Even with all the press, they still have managed to keep their items pretty reasonably priced which I am very impressed by. Seems as though they are one company that remembers that we are still in a recession. Environmentally friendly, budget friendly, and ridiculously cute? Did I do something in a past life that gave me such great clothing karma? Yeah, hi...I'll take one in every color! 

Ok, not quite but I couldn't help snatching up this dress. 

Organic Neon Maxi Dress. 

Even more amazing, right now if you use the code USABDAY09 when you check out they will take 20% of your entire order. 

It is not lost on me that these clothes are very "maternity" appropriate as well. Maybe some of that good clothing karma can help my baby karma? 

Hmmmmm.....they do sell kids clothes as well, so it can't hurt!