A Day At The Cape.

Even though the weather was not picture perfect, last week we still managed to have an amazing time down at the cape. There was plenty of wine, food, kids, and friends, and we were very sad to drive back to Boston on Friday leaving that picturesque town behind. 

While our visit was short we definitely packed in a week's worth of activities. We arrived Wednesday night just in time for dinner for the boys and some story time by this mum. (I'm guessing my future will looks something like this if we happen to have twins.) We then put the boys, and two little girls to bed and my good friend barbecued up a fantastic dinner while we all went through a few bottles of prosecco and some yummy cheesecakes that had made their way into my bag earlier in the day.

The little man was very excited about his new surroundings so of course he was up at the crack of dawn, and we headed down to the beach so not to wake the other babies who were giving their moms a much deserved lie in. Once the crew was awake we headed to the beach. My girlfriend belongs to an amazing beach club that is not only gorgeous, but is right down the street from her home. You simply pull up, unload the kiddes, and immediately you have chairs, towels, an umbrella and all the beach toys you could imagine.

We parked ourselves in the sand and the boys went to work. We seemed to be the only ones who braved out the wind and cooler temperatures, so the boys had the whole place to themselves for a while. I can tell you that they didn't seem to mind the weather one bit. 

Never to be one to shy away from a challenge, when an older boy arrived, the little man just had to try to follow him into the water. He was not as brave and ran back as soon as the cold water hit his little toes. 

We then had lunch at the club where we could again enjoy an amazing view of the beach. The little man tried his first bag of Cape Cod potato chips, and he is forever hooked. He has woken up every day the past few days demanding them for breakfast. I am usually able to hold him off until lunch, but nonetheless these have become a staple in our home. 

After lunch we headed home for nap time for the boys and play time for the moms. Sans kiddies we headed back to the beach club were a huge trunk show was being held. This place had everything, from bags, scarves, adorable preppy frocks, kids and adult decorations and even housewares.  While I didn't actually buy anything, it was a really fun event and it was so nice to be out with just the girls. We then headed home just in time for our little guys' wake up and plenty of play time was had by all.

We bathed, fed, and put to sleep 5 babies and again headed out the door. We had a great dinner at a local restaurant, the Five Bays Bistro, to celebrate our friend's birthday. The food was great, and for desert we had their speciality chocolate chip cookie which was to die for. Then it was home for some more girl talk and another early wake up by my little man. 

The next day after some pancakes we hit the road early to ensure that we made it home for the little man's and mom's much needed nap time. The drive was beautiful and we were sad that we had to leave on such a sunny day. Including an ice cream stop, we still made it home in under an hour and half which must be some sort or record?

After being around all those kids it is amazing how quiet just one sounds. For some reason the house just felt so empty. Guess that just means that we are ready to had some more voices to our chorus.

I can't thank my friend enough for hosting us, and I am hoping that we will soon be able to go back. Cape Cod really is one of the most beautiful places around, and even if it is only for the day we will definitely be heading down there again.

 Thanks Jaim for a great trip!