What Are You listening To?

A good friend of mine, with whom I have recently reconnected with, asked me this very question the other day. Such a simple question left me with no answer. What am I listening to these days? Let's see, there's Sesame Street, Raffi, Elizabeth Mitch, and of course the Baby Beatles Album. My Ipod was last updated 3 years ago (sad I know) and I really only listen to that when I am cooking or doing yoga on my own. In short I am listening to absolutely nothing.

To be perfectly honest the only way I hear about any "new music" is through my watching of shows like The Hills or through my much cooler/ much more in tune yoga instructors. When I think about it, music is the one thing that is truly lacking in my post baby life. It's not that I don't want to know what's out there, it's more so that there just isn't an opportunity to do so. The minute we enter the car the little man screams "Elmo," giving me no chance to turn on the radio and since my bar hopping days are pretty limited (aka non-existent) my musical catalog is still living in 2007. 

Music used to be very important to me pre-baby. I am one of those people who falls madly and totally in love with a song. I may be the only person who used the repeat button in not only my car, but also on my Ipod, and I had pretty much worn out both. When I hear something that speaks to me I immediately find it, buy it, play it over and over, and then either break up with it or retire it to my list of "my favorite songs" which is about 100 deep at this point. At work, in school, in the car, at the gym, I was always listening to those same songs. 3 years later I am still listening to these songs. 

Now that I am aware of it I am going to rectify this immediately. I will make a real effort to seek out and listen to what's out there. To that end, I have found some new (or old to some of you out there) artists/ albums that I absolutely lurve! 

The first is something that I heard in Yoga on Sunday. We had a sub who put on some classical music. After about 5 minutes, I realized, "wait, I know this song." The rest of the class I was in awe. Every song was a classical "cover" of almost every popular song from the last decade. I had to know who it was. Right after class I ran up to the instructor and found out that the artist was the Vitamin String Quartet. They have about 2 dozen albums and hundreds of covers. I downloaded about 30 songs and I can't stop playing them. The little man seems to be enjoying the classical music and I am loving my new find. 

The other album that I am loving right now is Damien Rice's Live From The Union Chapel. I love Damien Rice, and I don't know how I missed that he had a live album out. This album is older than my son, but somehow I missed it. Either way, it rocks. If you haven't heard it check it out.

Finally, I love this song by Bill Callahan. I don't know why, but I just can't stop listening to it.

So, to answer your question old friend, this is what I'm listening to.

What are you all listening to these days?