Trend I Love: Torn Skinny Jeans.

I love skinny jeans. LOVE. I think they may have been one of the greatest inventions of all time (after things like the light bulb, toilet paper, indoor plumbing, electricity...etc.) Truly, I wear them like leggings all year long, every day, every season, and pretty much everywhere I go. I wear them with boots, wear them with flats, wear them with heels. Where when don't I wear them??? Anyway, you get the point, I love me some skinny jeans.

What do I love even more? Torn, distressed skinny jeans. Really, one could have seen this trend coming from a million miles away, but never one to be afraid of the bandwagon, I jumped on this one from the minute I saw all those fashionable celebs rolling around town in that "perfect" pair of everyday jeans. I picked up this pair last week, and to be honest I haven't taken them off since Thursday. It pained me to put them in the wash this afternoon for fear that in some way they may come out different, but luckily they are still just as awesome as they were  a few hours before. 

I just love how they go with everything from a white T shirt to a dressy blouse. They are so comfortable that I swear it feels like I am wearing my juicy sweats. The added bonus is that they make this stay at home mom feel just so damn cool! A pair of jeans that does all that? Well, I'm sure sold!