Perhaps I Should Have Been More Specific.

Lately I have been trying to teach the little man some "manners." Things like eat with a fork, wash your hands, say please and thank you, don't pick your nose/ears, and most recently not to wipe his perpetually runny nose on his shirt/hand/sleeve. To this end I have tried to show him that we only wipe our nose into paper. Things have been going well and usually he says "paper" when he is snotting, I then grab a small piece of TP and he takes care of his business. Yes, you can see where this is going. 

Today I heard him sniffling, then I heard the bathroom door open, some mild commotion, and then the little man running by with a stream of white trailing behind him. I looked over and heard all the wasted trees crying. Hmmmmm, perhaps I should have specified how much paper we should use in this situation. Before you think, well it's not that much paper, let me tell you he emptied the roll. Had there been more I can only imagine how much he would have taken. 

Here is the damage.

Ah well, at least there was no more runny nose and at least I know he is listening.

There is hope for a polite little boy after all!