Now That Is What I Call Service!

Today after a rainy play date with some friends, the little man and I popped into the Lululemon store at the Prudential Center for a much needed pair of new Yoga shorts for mom. Usually I dread (DREAD) taking the little man into any type of store, and avoid this situation at all costs. However, today we had time to kill before picking up my sister, and well, I rolled the dice and entered the almost empty store. 

I grabbed a pair of shorts (wrong size) and a top (again wrong size.) We rolled into the dressing room where in a panic realized that nothing I had would fit. I was about to exit when the salesgirl said the most amazing thing I have ever heard. "Excuse me Miss, would you like some T.O.Y.S for your little guy?" (Being the sweet thing that she was, she spelled it in case I said no.)

Toys? Toys? "Yes!" I exclaimed. She then brought in a big box of little toys to my boy who was more than happy to play with them. I was not only able to explain to the sales girl what I was looking for, but I was also able to do something I haven't done in a very long time. Try clothes on at the store. No returns, no wasted time, and getting exactly what I wanted. Novel concept, I know! I then left the store with the two things that I actually needed....and they fit. 

My question is why don't all stores have a secret toy box? Genius idea Lululemon. I can guarantee you I will be back!