Hot Feet.

I've been having a bit of a dilemma. What type of shoes does one wear in the Spring/Summer when it is raining out? 

I thought I could get by wearing my Hunter wellies but last week when I ventured out in them my feet were seriously on fire. I then tried my flip flops, but then the weather dropped to 60 degrees and I was left with freezing toes. I thought about getting a pair of jellies, and I heard that Tory Burch was making a cute pair.

 I went in search of them and didn't love what I found. They were just too plastic looking and they weren't very comfortable. In fact, they gave me a blister just trying them on. I was left completely at a loss until I saw this cute little pair of shoes looking right at me. 

Rubber sole? Check. Waterproof patent leather? Check. Awesome red color? Double check. 

I love them, these shoes just scream Spring to me. The best part is that they are not too hot, not too cold, and they are extremely comfortable. 

I am officially ready for whatever weather new England can throw at me. After 6 years living here, it's about time.