Cookie? They Made a Magazine JUST For Me?

OK, has someone in the Editorial world been reading my blog? I mean, they must have. How else could they have created a magazine that was made JUST for me? Seriously, if I had been born a magazine, I would be this magazine. Today my day was completely made (yes, it's the small things) when I got home today and found my June issue waiting for me in my mailbox. I am a new subscriber and a reader for a few months now, and I must say this is my favorite day of the month.  

Sure I like my Vogue, US Weekly, In Style, Glamour, and Sunday Times but I would trade them all (yes, I said all) in for just one monthly issue of Cookie. This magazine has everything that I love. Fashion, design (baby and adult), healthy recipes, celebrity moms, advice and generally all things fabulous in the baby world. When I read this magazine I have a smile on my face the entire time. It makes me so happy to be a mom, and it inspires me to always look to the sunny side of motherhood, especially on those rainy (aka cranky) days.

If you are a mom, or aspiring mom and you do not read this magazine than you are seriously missing out! I would like to write more but I have that fresh issue just sitting there staring at me. Must pick it up.

A sleeping baby, a cup of tea and new issue of Cookie? Life couldn't get any better.