Company's a Comin'!

For the next 2 1/2 days we, at the yummy mummy household, are lucky enough to have our good friends and their little girl staying with us. YAY! They are former Bostonians, and now Floridians, whom we get to see close to never so needless to say we are very excited. 

This is also the first time that our kiddies will meet so I am looking forward to the toddle play that will likely ensue. Please little man no biting!

Given that they will be here in a few minutes I have run out of time for a proper post today, but I will be back on Wednesday. I imagine the post will have something to do with "what to do when you have company with kids visiting during the Summer, in Boston." Seems fitting. 

As an aside, in my next life I am coming back as a floral designer (yep auntie em) because I simply can't get the flowers that I picked up this morning to look anything like they should. C'est la vie. 

I 've got a chilled bottle of wine and an antipasto salad, so I'm thinking no one will notice for long.