A Big(er) Boy Room.

While we were away on vacation, it hit me that my little man was no longer a baby. He was slowly (and sadly) turning into a "big boy." This got me thinking that maybe his room needed to grow up a bit to catch up with all the things that he is now so very into. The first being Daddy, the second being all things surfing (of course, because that's what Daddy does) and finally anything that has to do with monkeys. 

To that end I decided to do some minor redecorating. I framed some of my favorite beach prints from our trip, purchased a new "surfer" comforter, and built the room around a map we have been pinning and viola! a big(er) boy room is made. Once we figure out how many kids we are having, where they will be sleeping, etc...I can really finish it, but for now I love how colorful it has become. The best part is the little man loves it and is so unbelievably proud to show it off to anyone who walks in the house. 

Here is the before. Very green (a paint picking accident) with a "lamb decor."

Here is the after.

We have begun to create a map of all the little man's travels. He has already been out of the country four times, and has flown quite a bit in country so we figured it would be really cool when he gets older to have this map (hopefully) covered in pins to show what a world traveler he is. 

My favorite pictures from the beach.

And of course the pictures of him and his "Papi" aka Daddy surfing. 

A new bedspread and a framed monkey picture (in the background) really added some color.

He forced me to hang the whale poster we brought back from Maui. Although it's not because he loves whales, he actually thinks they are airplanes. Either way works for me. 

And finally, for my little Grom, a crossing sign for his closet. 

There is still a bit to do here and there, but for my little guy he now has the "big boy" room of his dreams, which is a good thing considering he spends over half of his life dreaming away in there.