And Then I Said...This Better Not Be JUST Like Baby Powder.

I do not try new things. I just don't. I go to a restaurant and have the EXACT same thing every time. Why? When something works I just don't see why it needs to be changed. As far as I'm concerned change generally sucks. This goes for most things in my life and definitely for all things in my "beauty" routine. The problem is that my routine isn't always working. Or more specifically I'm not working the routine. Skin/ makeup/ overall cleanliness,  I'm fine with. It's my hair that is the problem. More specifically it's the washing/ or not washing that has become to be the problem. 

I have fine hair. Fine hair = greasy hair. Greasy after only one day. I have no problem washing my hair, but now that I have grown it out I find that sans blow dry (which adds 10 minutes to my 5 minute routine) it looks a bit sad and limp (ok, a lot sad and limp.) Because of this I have been washing/ blow drying every day for a month now and most the time it is a total waste. For instance, once the little man and I leave the house, we have left the house. Usually this is around 9 am and we don't return until 1:30 for nap. This means that if I am going to yoga, I wash. blow dry, style, run out only to then work out. TOTAL WASTE. 

While I was getting my hair highlighted today (a necessary luxury for me) I discussed this small dilemma with my guy. He said the only solution is dry shampoo. Dry shampoo? Yep, It really works he said, for at least a day, and at a minimum it will get you through your Yoga class/ park run without looking like the Exxon Valdez spilt on your head (my words not his.) Ok, I'll try it...and then I said, "this shit better not be just like baby powder." Any of you out there who have tried that "home remedy" know what I'm talking about. Try walking in public with white/ gray roots all day. Yeah, not fun.

So today I got my "Jennifer Aniston" blowout. Tomorrow, I will attempt to keep it looking the same with my new shampoo. Ugh, I hate change. Even small change. But hey, if it gives me an extra 60 minutes a week with my kid, well that's pretty priceless. 

If you've tried this and it worked/ sucked let me know in the comments section. Oh, and if you see me in public and my hair looks greasy as hell, well let me know that too........on the other hand, maybe I don't want to know.