Yoga Heaven.

I have found the place where all Yogis go when they die (or become ex-patriots as in this case.) 

This magical and heavenly place is the Nosara Yoga Institute. Before coming down here I looked into taking classes, and I was thrilled to find that they offer three, 90 minute classes, 7 days a week, for only 10 dollars. What I have come to find out is that 10 dollars not only gets you an amazing yoga class but also a private, amazing  yoga class. It's not set up to be that way but since I am the only one who keeps showing up, the instructors are very kind to also keep coming. 

To say that this place is heavenly really is an understatement, and the following pictures don't give it the true justice it deserves. 

Here is the entrance, set on about 40 acres of untouched land.

This is the training studio. If I ever want to get certified I can assure you this is where I will be trained. 

Here are the steps up to the "Tree Top" studio. These can be a killer after the 20 minute bike ride to get to class.

This is the studio which makes the climb completely worth it.

Again, I was the only one there.

The view from my mat. Yes, that is the ocean beyond those trees. 

I really can't imagine a more amazing place to practice. 

Pure Yoga Heaven.