To Buzz Or Not To Buzz?

As we all know the little man has A LOT of hair. Yes, most  60 year old men would kill for his coif. However, all that hair can make a little guy very, very hot. Summer is coming and from what I have seen down here, this head of hair is making for one sweaty little boy. 

Hence my quandary, to buzz or not to buzz?

Here is the current state of my man's hair. 

And here he is about 14 months ago when I was forced to "take it all off" given that the black hair he was born with had blonde roots making him look very much like a skunk (and not in a good way.)

The Hubs and my in-laws are very much against the shave. I'm on the fence. You tell me, I'll be posting a poll on the top of the blog.