Thank God We Live In The City.

Since we have been home the little man has renewed his OBSESSION with emergency response vehicles with a fervor not seen by many (except his mother at a Louboutin sample sale, I dream.) 

When I say obsessed, I mean we now have to:
  • Wave to.
  • Approach.
  • Kiss.
  • Hug.
  • Wave by-eeeeeeee.
To Every:
  • Fire Truck.
  • Police Car.
  • Ambulance.
  • City Bus.
  • Taxi 
Given that we live in a bustling city you can imagine how many times a day we do this. Hundreds would not be an exaggeration. Yesterday it took us 25 minutes to walk the 5 blocks to Central Square for a cup of coffee (yes, I am sort of back on the sauce.)

All I can say is thank God we live in a city, otherwise my little man surely would be in a deep depression without all those vehicles to "love." 

Oh, and everything we now see is "blue." Every red fire truck, every yellow taxi, every white bus. They are "blue" according to the little man. I dare you to tell him differently. 

Ahhhh the joys of toddlerhood.