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Speaking Of Hair.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say out loud, It is SO NOT COOL to die your toddler's hair. Here is the super stylish Gwen Sefani and her little guy Kingston. It is obvious from these photos that she has somehow bleached his hair. Having been down the bleach road a few times myself I can tell you that BLEACH BURNS. Nothing hurts/itches more. I get that she wants her son (accessory) to have a "look" but is this really necessary? I try not to bash any other mommies on this site, and this is why you will here no comment from me regarding the binky in his mouth (god knows at the rate we are going that too will be my kid) but I do think that coloring your kids hair is way, way, way over the top. Paging Billy Idol....

Goodbye Beautiful Country.

Gone Feral.