Scarred For Life?

When the little man was just a wee little man I would always swaddle him in this blanket called the Miracle Blanket. And by swaddle him, I mean tie him up so tight that he was in a straight jacket, and would remain that way for the next 12-13 . I wasn't just being cruel, the little guy loved that thing. It really was the Miracle it promised to be (seriously, if you just had a baby or are about to have one you NEED this thing.)

 I would take screaming, inconsolable infant, wrestle his little arms at his side, tuck said arms in a little pocket, and wrap, wrap, wrap my no longer screaming child up. Within seconds he was already nodding off for bed. The thing was like prozac for both of us. It may also be the reason I am so willing to have another baby. 

When he was about 6 months old, and started to roll over I finally pulled away our security blanket (no pun intended) and the little man was finally free to move all around (theoretically, if he had the ability to actually do so.) I figured we had just grown out of the swaddling stage. 

I may have been wrong about that.

The little guy is now obsessed, OBSESSED, with being wrapped in a towel. We have noticed it for a while but no more so than on this trip. I'm starting to think all that swaddling may have done something, scarred him in some way. 

No harm, no foul as far as I'm concerned. If he wants to be the kid in college who sits around his dorm wrapped in a towel, who am I to stop him? Or if he needs to take a break from chosen profession to sit in his office all wrapped up, more power to him I say. I guess I could figure out a way to make a 6 foot miracle blanket if need be.....

Clearly, I'm kidding. Just goes to show how easy these little guys are to train (aka mess up.) I hope all that swaddling didn't leave the little guy scarred for life.