It's About Time; The Making of a Baby Book.

Today it begins. I am finally getting around to putting together some baby books for the little man. I know, he is almost 2, it's about time, right?

When he was born I did the whole "baby milestone book" thing. And ever since I have collected and saved every picture taken, and every "drawing" made. I have had the books since before the little guy was born, complete with rolls and rolls of double stick tape. I have been more than ready to make these for over a year. 

So why haven't I put the damn things together? Yeah, no excuses. 

Well today it begins. I'm hoping by the end of next month I will have every picture affixed, every date written, every event notated. 

So now my trip down memory lane begins, I'll be happily showing off the final product once I am done.  At the rate I'm going let's just hope that is before baby number two arrives....