Great Friends.

Last night my two besties took me out to celebrate my big 3.0. The night eventually became a celebration of friendship and really emphasized to me how amazing the friendships can be between woman who bond over their children. I met these two yummy mummies when our babies (all boys) were about 9 weeks old. We met in "baby class" and have been friends ever since. We got pregnant together the second time, and I have been lucky enough to watch them grow through their pregnancies and through their journey as mothers to their new (beautiful) daughters. They were there for me when I lost baby number two, and we have been there for each other through births, birthdays, moves, contractors, colds, stomach name it.

I feel so lucky to have found such great friends, and I love that our kids will have known each other from the very beginning. I can't wait until we are old and grey, to look back at the pictures of us and our "boys." If I am lucky maybe my little man will be smart enough to scoop up one of their little girls. Ok, maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself, I suppose I should try to potty train him before I have him married off. But you know what I mean. 

I have never been one to have a lot of friends. In fact I can probably count them on two hands. It isn't so much for lack of trying, but more so because I moved a few times in my youth, and again as an adult. I moved to one state after junior high, another in the middle of high school, yet another after college, and finally to Boston after Law School. I have been able to keep a good friend or two from each move, especially my Maid of Honor whom I met my first week of Law School, but as with most relationships, friendships are always more difficult from a distance. I had an amazing group of friends during the Husband's residency, but right at the moment that we all had babies, my "girls" all moved away, leaving me alone to find some new friends on my own. I was lucky. I hit the jackpot in that very first baby class, and to my delight the "girls" who moved away and I still remain close even if it is just through visits, emails, and the magic of Facebook

I can see now that my friends and I are as close as we are because we all have one single, and extremely important thing in common; our children. It's like when you meet someone with children, you can automatically relate. Whether it's in baby class, at the gym, on vacation, or at the park. The fact that you know exactly what they go through on a daily basis, the ups and downs, it automatically bonds you. Especially when you are bonded over very young children. A lack of sleep and a dwindling milk supply can turn two strangers into a necessary support system overnight. I love having someone that I can go to at any time of the day or night and talk about diapers, milestones, what our kids are eating, saying, doing, our husbands, our families, generally just having someone who is unconditionally there for me no matter what, as I am there for them. It's like the song says, "you've got to have friends," and between my "mommy" friends, my "blogger friends" (those who I see on a weekly/ monthly basis and those who I only see online) and my family...I've got it all. 

As an aside, can you believe these two gorgeous ladies just had their second babies less than 3 months ago? Whatever they are doing is completely working. When I grow up I hope I can be just like them, an amazing friend and even more, an amazing mother. 

Thanks for an awesome night ladies. Please, please, please let's do it again soon!