Excuses, Excuses....and A Surfing Lesson.

Today it dawned on me that I am long overdue for a "real" blog post. However, due to circumstances beyond my control today is not that day. Why?....here come the excuses.
  1. Power was out half the day. Apparently someone (not us) was a day late on the bill and down here they don't eff around. 9am they cut the cord. Luckily after cash was in hand they came back and gave us some much needed AC.
  2. The Husband is a TOTAL internet hog. Only one person can be on the internet at once. His "work" seems to trump my blogging (um like that's not my job I say!.)
  3. There is a massive storm outside that is making my connection slow....as..........mud.
  4. There is a very large Mojito and bowl of fresh guacamole waiting for me in the other room. Our buddy lucas is here and let me tell you if his career as a Physician fails he always can fall back on his bartending skills. Those of you who know me know that I would literally walk through fire for a cold alcoholic beverage so yeah, I'm getting in on that action.
Lame, I know but with my 30th birthday only two days away, and my clomid date looming around the corner I can assure you I will have much to discuss. 

As for what's going on down here, today we attempted a surfing lesson with the little man. 

At first he observed the basics from a distance.

He then tried out his skills while on land.

He wasn't a huge "fan" of the life vest.

So we figured that for now he would be better off picking up shells.

Baby steps, baby steps. In no time this kid will be tearing up the water!