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The Equator Is No Match For This.

If you plan on taking your fair haired little baby anywhere near the sun, or if you are lucky enough to have porcelain skin (which if you do, I officially am jealous and hate you) than YOU NEED THIS. 3 separate trips to Central America, a total of 8 weeks, 6 hours a day in the sun, and the little man is still as white as he was the day he was born.

The secret? Mustela baby sunscreen.

This stuff is made for sensitive skin, so you know it won't give them a rash like some of that other suncreen will do, and it does exactly what it says it does (I know, what a concept.) It actually blocks the sun. 

I lather the little guy up in the morning, and touch up his face and shoulders in the afternoon, and for the rest of the day I don't have to worry one bit about him running topless (this makes me so jealous of boys) in the seriously intense sun that is "living on the equator." 

Seriously, the equator is no match for this, I would love to see what North America or Europe think that they could do. 

While it is a slightly more pricy (not by much)  than the others, this stuff lasts. Two bottles took us through three weeks with two applications a day. Can't beat that. 

Happy Sunning.


Goodbye Beautiful Country.