Earth Fest.

Today the little man and I planned on going down to Earth Fest on the Esplanade with some of our friends. We got up nice and early on this sunny day and took the T downtown. 

We stopped to get some coffee for mom and some chocolate milk for the little man while we waited for our crew to show up. Clearly, the little man thought this was a great idea. 

While we were waiting we ran into a family who was on their way to the Clarendon Street park, where a party was being thrown. She said it looked like a lot of fun so we should stop by.

So we did, and when we got there we saw that the festivities did not disappoint. For a 5 dollar cover fee there was a moon bounce, face painting, balloon animals, pizza, juice. It really was an awesome spread. 

The little man wasn't too interested in the moon bounce, but he was very excited to get a monkey on his arm. When I say excited I mean kind of freaked out by the whole thing. 

Luckily, the artist was very patient and the little guy was thrilled to have his hero Curious George on his arm to show his other hero, daddy, when he got home. 

He then ran off to play.

And play some more.

Once it got really crowded we left for Earth Fest but got sidetracked by the ice cream truck on the way. 

Finally we made our way down to the "show" but by then it was time to head home for a nap.We took the T back over the bridge and we made it home just in time. 

Boston/ Cambridge really is an amazing place to have young kids. I am so happy we decided to say in the city and raise our kids here.

I hope you all are able to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather we are having this weekend.