What Do You Do All Day?

I often hear this question from certain friends and family members, and more often than no from complete strangers. Most of the time this is said as, "What do you do all day? Don't you get bored" Always with that tone, the tone every stay at home mom knows. That whole, "how in the world can you be so happy, you must be delusional, omg I would kill myself tone." Now that I think about it, these statements are almost always said by those without kids or those who's kids are long gone and full grown. 

The truth is yes, sometimes I get little bored, and when I do find myself looking at the clock more than usual, that is just a sign that I need to mix up my routine a bit. I never, NEVER see it as a sign that I need to go back to work (NEVER.) Because the truth of the matter is that I used to get bored there too. The only difference is that I work I could never do anything about it. 

Don't get me wrong, I am in NO WAY talking smack about anyone who has kids and works, doesn't have kids and works, doesn't have kids and doesn't work, etc...(did I cover everyone?) 

That being said I figure that this would be a good chance to give you a day in my life. This way the next time I hear this question I can just direct said busybody here.
  • Approx 8:00am  Little Man wakes me up to the sweet chorus of "mama, mama, mama, mama,MAMA, MAMA, MAMA, baba."
  • 8:15 am give LM his bottle, change extremely wet diaper/jammies combo/ dress LM for day.
  • 8:30 Make LM breakfast while we watch 15 mins of Curious George (his favorite at the moment.)
  • 9:00 Shower (um sometimes) and get dressed for the gym.
  • 9:30 Pack up LM in car seat/ load stroller and head out.
  • 9:45 Coffee run, "Grande Soy Latte please!"
  • 10:00 Drop LM off at kids club and race to Yoga class.
  • 11:15  Pick up smiling LM/ change diaper/ provide snack/ load up LM.
  • 11:30 - 12:45 pm Park/ play date/ stroll down Newbury/ or a combo of all of the above.
  • 12:45 Drive home/ lunch
  • 1:15- 4:15 Nap time. 
During this time I shower, eat lunch, clean up kitchen, make bed, straighten up house, do laundry, plan dinner (or prepare if it needs to cook for a long time, blog, surf Internet/ order diapers, etc., pay bills, make appointments, watch DVR, and occasionally (almost never) take a short nap (when in Rome I say.)
  • 4:15  LM gets up. 
  • 4:30 Snack.
  • 4:30-5:15 Park.
  • 5:15 Take tricycle to Whole Foods and pick up dinner makings.
  • 5:45 Make LM's dinner while he watches 25 mins of Curious George/ book reading.
  • 6:00  Feed LM.
  • 6:30  LM and The Husband (who has made it home during dinner) head back to park while I make dinner.
  • 7:00  Bath time supervised by The Husband.
  • 7:15  Jammies, teeth brushing, story time.
  • 7:30  Bed time for LM.
  • 7:45 Dinner for Yum and Husband.
  • 8:00- 9:15 TV with Hubby......and wine time for Yum.
  • 9:30 Bed time. 

Whew. That's my day in a nutshell. It's not for everyone, but it makes me feel very happy to know that I am able to repeat this on a daily basis (lucky too.)
Sure we have our ups and downs and when it rains the day goes much, much, much, much slower (did I say much?) but in the end I'd trade a little boredom any day for the fact that I get to spend all day, every day, in my gym clothes playing with my best friend (my blonde 18 month old BFF.)