What a Difference A Day Makes.

Spring has finally sprung here in New England. Finally.

Yesterday, it was 45 degrees and windy as hell. We tried to stop and smell the newly opened flowers, but the little man almost got blown over.

Today was a completely different story! The sun was shining, and the temperature reached almost 70 degrees. As in 70 degrees! The little man and I celebrated by having a smoothie. Even though it was the size of his head he still managed to drink the entire thing. 

We then went to the park and.....wait for it........wait for it..................
we wore SHORT sleeves.  As in arms exposed, no clothing on our arms kind of sleeves. 
Yeah, it's been about 8 months since we last did that.

Given that it is New England, of course, tomorrow it is going to be 40 degrees and rainy.

Oh well, at least we were given one perfect Spring day.