To Clomid or Not To Clomid?

I finally got my results back from the blood work that I had taken last week. While I was sure I was having progesterone issues, my OB determined that is not my problem. There is no real problem, which of course means there is no magic cure.

She basically told me that I am a late ovulator. I have been consistently ovulating on either day 19 or 20. I never thought that this was an issue but according to her and the Internet, people who ovulate later can have a harder time getting pregnant. They also have a higher rate of miscarriage, which is what could have led to the loss of baby #2. That's not to say I can't get pregnant or carry a full term baby, it just means it could be more difficult. Her suggestion was for me to meet with a fertility specialist next week and get a prescription for Clomid. Clomid I said? Isn't that the drug that gives you twins? Her response, ummmmm that is a distinct possibility. As in, yes you could have 3 (3!) kids under the age of 3. 

Now, don't get me wrong. I have nothing against twins. One of my best friends had the most adorable little boys last year and we would be blessed to have two little guys just like them. I just wonder if it is too much to ask to have them one at a time? Three would be hard. One is really hard, and my hat is off to all of you who have more than that, twins or not. The bottom line is that if we were going to take on the chance of multiples the little man would need to be older (as in MUCH more functional) I can't see it happening any other way. 

I have had a few days to think about it and as of now my plan is the following. I will keep trying the "natural" way using some of those over the counter supplements like Vitex which is supposed to bump your cycle a few days sooner. I am going to cut out soy milk which has estrogen in it to see if that can buy me a few more days. I also am going to look into acupuncture since everyone says it can work miracles.  I am going to meet with the fertility doc but I will not go on any meds for at least 6 more cycles.  In 6+ months  hopefully I will be knocked up already, or by then I will be ready for whatever comes our way. If my only options are not having any more kids or possibly having two than bring on the triple stroller (do they even make such a thing?)

That's what I'm thinking for now. If any of you have been through this or have any recommendations or have conceived with late ovulation please feel free to comment. I would be happy to take any advice. 

Oh boy, this baby making stuff  is not as easy as they made it seem in sex ed all those years ago!