Past Due.

Yesterday was the due date from baby # 2. It was actually a date I have been dreading (dreading!) for the past few weeks. It's not so much about the baby that was actually due, but rather that I never, never, thought that when this date came I still would not have at least one baby on the way. My immediate response after they told us that the original baby had miscarried was, "when can we start trying again." I couldn't believe when she said we had to wait three months, three whole months. At the time that seemed like a lifetime. Well that was seven months ago and what I wouldn't now give for just those three short months.

In the approaching weeks I was concerned that I would spend my "due date" crying, or freaking out about the fact that I wasn't yet with child. Even on Monday I was wondered how I was going to be. I was grateful that I had my sitter in the morning so the little man wouldn't be able to observe any of this behavior, if it had materialized in that way. To my surprise when the day actually came, it pretty much did what every day does, it came and went. If it wasn't for the note on my blackberry calendar that buzzed us during dinner I probably would have forgotten the whole thing. Even then I just mentioned to The Husband that today was baby number 2's due date and we went on eating, talking about all the other nonsense that we discuss at the dinner table (this could be a separate blog post in itself.) 

I'm sure my positive attitude has much more to do with the fact that next month I get to start the Clomid, than it does to do with anything else. Everything I read seems to say that this stuff really works and really works fast, so against to The Husband's warnings I am pretty much putting all my eggs (pun intended) in that basket. I also think that the fact that I not so secretly am hoping for twins (I know I have completely  gone off the baby deep end) makes me even more excited about what we have in store. It's kind of like a two for one deal, right? (You know how I like a good sale!)

I learned that a due date is just a date like any other and hopefully soon I'll have another to put in my outlook (yes, I actually do that, even though it's not like you could ever forget.) Hmmmm if you have twins do you get two separate due dates? Probably not. I bet you can get two separate push presents though (I kid, I kid.)