A Night To Sleep On It.

Given the disgusting attempts by some old (emphasis on the word old) colleagues of mine to run me out of bloggertown last week this Yummy Mummy spent the weekend deciding what I should do about this little blog of mine. I woke up on Sunday morning with the answer: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. 

The bottom line is the following and this is the last I am going to mention of the whole thing. 
So what if I few hags I used to work with want to spend their entire day (and by day I mean from 9-4 when they actually are at work) bashing an Internet persona in a completely unprovoked attack. Further, so what if some Nastys from around town want to join in the "fun?" The bottom line is that there are always going to be mean girls and by me tucking my tail away and disappearing that isn't going to change anything. So I'm not. I thought about it but I'm not.

The whole thing reminded me of a study that we read back in my college days during freshman psychology. In this test there were two adjoining rooms that were set up. On one side a person was told that they were to anonymously shock the person on the other side. There would be no repercussion for their actions and the person would never know who was doing the shocking. Not so surprisingly no matter how loud the screams, the anonymous person just kept shocking away. It's a bit alarming, but we have seen this little study play itself out here. 

What is really ironic is that some of the people who left some pretty horrible comments on this blog actually work for a boss who has made it a pet project to protect kids from Internet bullies. I have to laugh when I think of what they would say of the show that was put on last week. I can't imagine that she would be pleased. On the other hand I would never hide this blog from a prospective employee. I am not ashamed or embarrassed about anything that I write here. My family and friends all read my blog and I know one day my son will too. While I never promoted it, I have also never tried to "hide" this blog from anyone which is how I imagine it got around my old workplace. 

I can only hope that these "women" don't have girls and don't raise them to be catty little bitches just like their mothers. On the other hand, maybe if they do have girls of their own and one day said child comes home crying because some girls trashed her all over her Facebook page, they will see the carnage that can be created by such ruthless attacks. I wonder what mama is going to say then? Do you think she would have the guts to tell them that this is the way the world works and that when the little ones are at school she too goes around trashing people? That this is how she spends taxpayer money while she is "busy at work?" Somehow I doubt it. 

What really struck me last week was not how mean people can be but rather how awesome strangers can be. I was pretty down on Thursday and Friday and your comments, emails, phone calls, and wall posts really really really really brightened my day. I had no idea that so many people would take the time out of their busy days and let me know that you were thinking of me. In the end the positive feedback far far far outweighed the few negative haters and that is the number one reason why I am keeping Yummy Mummy going. 

This blog is supposed to be fun. Pure and simple. This is not the Diary of (Insert My Name Here.) This is the Dairy of the Yummy Mummy. Yes, it is based on my life but this is only one dimension of my life. Therefore, it should not come as shocking to anyone that this blog is ONE DIMENSIONAL. It is what it claims to be. A diary of a mom who loves her son, loves Boston, loves living a city lifestyle, and likes fashion (the horror I know.) I have tried to create a fun environment where the things that make me smile are shown. I don't intend people to have a life changing experience when reading my posts. If you want political commentary read the Huffington Post or CNN. If you want to discuss the horrors going on around the world might I suggest the ICC's website or PHR? This is not, and will never be that place. Consider it blog lite. The US Weekly of the blog world. You don't pick up a Star magazine and find yourself shocked when you see celebrities, of a Vogue and pass out because there are expensive clothes featured, so don't be surprised when this blog is exactly what it claims to be. Fun.

There was much that was said about me being a "poser" and worshiping at the "alter of two hundred dollar jeans." For me that is completely misplaced. For me the point of this blog is not that I am an ego maniacal Yummy Mummy but that we all are Yummy Mummies (even those who have yet to jump on that baby train.) Sure I like high quality clothes, who doesn't, but the readers here know that I almost never pay full price for them. Those 200 dollar jeans? I get mine for 50 bucks at Gilt and I try to show everyone else how they can too. This blog often discusses cutting back more than it does vast consumerism, and beyond that it is really just about being a mom. A mum who doesn't want to lose her identity or former self just because she had a baby and spends her days chasing a toddler around the park. 

I know most of you get this and that is why you continue to read. This rant is more so for the few readers out there who really just read too damn much into this thing. The bottom line is that I don't think I'm better than anyone else. I have never portrayed that here and I never will. This is the dairy of the best parts of my life shown through an online persona. If you don't enjoy it, don't read it, and for those of you that do.....keep coming back because I'm not going anywhere.

P.S. My Husband wanted me to inform Anon that he is in fact an ass man and is not really looking for another woman to "maintain" no matter her breast size. He does, however, appreciate you looking out for him (insert snicker here.)

Oh....and just in case some of the Anons out there are looking to start up another comment war, you can be assured that I will be monitoring the comments here in the future and will only be publishing things as I see fit. That's the beauty of it being my blog and all.