More Fun In The Sun.

Again  today the sun was shining and the little man and I went down to the public garden for a photo shoot of our boys with my yummiest mummy friends. Our good friend is an amazing photographer and she did a great job getting the LM to sit still, a task that is not easily accomplished. 

The "real" pictures will be posted as soon as they are ready, but here are a few of my amateur shots.  The LM loved looking at the ducks, chasing his friends and he really, really, really, really loved the ice cream cone that followed. I'm starting to become a bit concerned that my man, himself may turn into an ice cream cone given the amount he has consumed this weekend. All I can say is thank got this kid isn't lactose intolerant!

As I was typing this it just hit me that we are off to Costa Rica on Wednesday for almost a month. We are no where near being ready, laundry is not done, suitcases are empty, etc......more on this tomorrow. 

I hope there is some sunshine where you live today, it really does make for such a change in attitude!