Travel Time 16 Hours and Change.

We made it!

In case you were unsure, Hawaii is really really really far away from Boston. like get up at 5am, 6 hour trip to San Francisco, 3 hour layover, 5:30 minute flight to Maui, and 30 minute drive to the hotel far. Yeah that far. If you had asked me on the flight if it was worth all that travel I would have said absolutely NO, if you asked my last night while I was having a Mai Tai by the pool I would have said Hell Yes! 

I only had one, "oh my god I miss the little man, how could we have left him, I can't be away from him this long, oh my baby meltdown." This occurred somewhere over the Pacific and was gone far before the plane touched down. Once I received confirmation from my mother-in-law that he has been absolutely perfect I was finally able to relax.

Here are some pics of the journey so far.

My last minute attempt at packing, needless to say I brought way to much, says The Husband.

A much needed beer and burrito at the SFO airport. It was surprisingly yummy!

With that much flying time I managed to read an entire book, 4 magazines, and watch the Sex and The City Movie (aka best movie ever) on my computer. 

Did I mention yet that flying without a baby is a dream. Seriously, after 18 months of hell on planes, this trip was pretty much as close to heaven as you can get.