This Is Why I'm In Charge.

Lately The Husband and I have been trading off who gets the little man when he wakes up on the weekends. My heavenly child sleeps until about 8:30am, so the getting up part is not so difficult, it's usually what follows that is the more challenging part.

When it's the chosen person's "day" he/she has to get his bottle (yes, he's 18 months and still has a bottle in the morning) and change his clothes. Now, I'm not one of those people who changes their kid into his day clothes the minute he gets up. I figure that since I like lounging in my pajamas in the morning (day and night), then the little guy probably does too. The only problem with this is that when he wakes in the morning he is always wet. Like, t-shirt soaked, flannel pj's soaked, sometimes even the sheet has a nice layer of pee on it. (I wonder is this a just a boy thing, a LM, thing, or do all kids do this?) Ok, I digress. 

So Sunday was The Husband's "day," and after a quick change this is what came running into my room.

Ummmm, speechless. Did he honestly think that this was an OK outfit choice?

Let me be clear, these are not even clothes. In fact they are just his summer pajamas.

Did he really think it was acceptable for him to wear this in pubic? Yeah, he did.

While I said nothing, I just thought to myself that this is why I'm in charge.